Getting back to work - Procrastination

It's been some time since I've updated this website and any of my projects, for that matter. It could be that I'm lazy, but my guess is obviously procrastination, since school ended last month and I got time to brainstorm projects to create. Because of it, I was working on three projects simultaneously, which obviously led to burnout.

Now, the logical solution would have been to rest or simply work on one project, but instead, I decided to work on all of them until I burned out, and that's how June ended up.

I've decided to organize myself, start making to-do lists, manage my time, and focus on one thing. Let's see how I accomplished all of this.

Creating a brainstorm list

The first idea I had to organize myself and clear my mind was to make a list of ideas to work on in the upcoming months. To put it simply, it's a brainstorm list where I jot down random ideas I've had throughout the week.

This approach helped me be more focused on working on one idea at a time, allowing me to achieve my goal of completing projects. It greatly assisted me in clearing my mental fog.

Improving my sleep

Over the past few months, I've been using an app to track my sleep called Sleep as Android. It's great for learning about my sleep duration and efficiency. However, only this month did I decide to set a goal to see if I could get at least 6 hours and 30 minutes of sleep. If you're not familiar, the app has a feature where you set a sleep duration that you aim to achieve by the next month. This feature has significantly helped me improve my sleep duration from an average of almost 5 hours to a more reasonable 6 hours and 10 minutes of sleep.


I hope that anyone facing a similar challenge can find inspiration and ideas from this post. Thank you, and until next time!