Hello world!

Hey, welcome to my blog! This is an introduction post to talk about me and my website.

I always tried making a blog but for some reason I simply couldn't, I mean I tried 10 times probably because I procrastinate a lot as all the developers out there do, am I right? 😉

Anyway, this is my last attempt at making a blog and a website as a whole. I'm a person that gets tired easily, which results in making things from scratch, sometimes from the ground up, resulting in a nice but empty website because of a lack of content.

With the new year I decided to change myself...by procrastinate less, smart right? So I decided to focuse more on content then design, you can actually notice it, the website is pretty basic but that's the point. Most of my inspiration came from the post A Brutally Simple Site from Kev Quirk where he talks about Brutalist Web Design which sums up everything that I said, raw content instead of complex designs.